[Kraft] The art, trade or occupation requiring special skill, especially manual skill.

[Hohm] The place where a person lives in which one’s domestic affections are centered.

Verb: Crafted with the love of home

We build apartments with Craftsmen who enjoy the experience of well-fitting assemblies, well made parts and the sweat of manual labor. Craftmanship can be defined as the discipline to do something well for its own sake, providing its workers with personal satisfaction and self-worth.

Well-crafted products distinguish between the right and the wrong way of making things. That’s a rare distinction in modern life which idealizes short term gains, appearance over substance, processes of production over personal learning and profit potential over personal achievement.

As we experience a crisis of confidence in our hallowed institutions today, the craft trades have become recognized again as secure and time-honored career paths for young people. Home Crafted Apartments celebrates with them the joy of building apartments well and hope that you’ll share that joy with us on our web site.